Finished projects
Here’s a collection of finished projects I’ve worked on.  I consider these all completed projects from my professional career.  Now…I won’t argue the definition of complete, but to me they’re as done as they’ll ever be.

Professional Applications

Inspect and Protect
This is an old project from 2008 that was completed over the summer of 2010.  I had a substantial part in the interface design as well as most of the vector art.


Screenshot of level select


Health Careers and Mathematics
Through a grant provided by the Minnesota HealthCare Alliance, I’ve worked just about six months straight creating art assets, programming and informational content for this project.  The idea was to show students of varying grades the career path opportunities available after high school and how rudimentary math skills play a part in it.  We’re hoping kids can see our content and believe they can do anything with their futures.


Screenshot of avatar creator


Wagner Project
Last year I was hired to create some 3d assets in the form of animation marketing material for Wagner Spray Tech.


Screenshot of the 3d model



My goal in making apps is to continue making them pointless.  Scores, leader-boards, multi-player and other things.  One phrase comes to mind, “aint nobody got time fo dat”.  I’m a trailblazer in the realm of wasting time as well as digital memory.

Download from Google Play

An Android app a coworker challenged me to make.  Actually he just challenged me to make an app.  The stupid idea was all me.

Download from Google Play

Connect D’oh!

This was a test project for myself.  It could use a bit of touching up but that’s for another day. Also, install the font from the link below.  It helps with the design.


Character selection screenshot