Rediscovering Videogames

As a handicapped gentlemen like myself, videgame controllers are just a pain in the ole butt crack.  A friend showed me the Makey Makey that turns any items that conduct into an input device.  That means I’m not confined to a gaming platform input device like the horrid Xbox 360 controllers or the mildly more acceptable Playstation controller.


My pretty arm, board and accompanying hardware.

My next step is to test this out and possibly make an enclosure.  I’d hate to ruin the board or even run it over.  That would be devastating.




Makey Makey board


Alligator clips for connections

I work this week but the plan is to test it out this weekend.  After a trip to the hardware store I should have plenty of items to make a custom device.

Another App Created

What’s crappenin’ fellow humans and whatever species Gary Busey is.  I’ve had some time on my hands and it’s been nice.

I created another app.  It’s another design in a quest to make apps that don’t really have a point but are important to me.  They’re only purpose is to help me further my coding abilities.  I just need a stupid premise and a coding question, then I’m off to create something completely unique and weird.

All you need to do is throw the ketchup packet into the fan and watch it splat on the wall.  That’s the “game”.  It’s pretty pointless, and bordering idiotic.  The motivation for this was remembering that as kids we used to do this at school.  Some kids start fires, some people read stupid vampire stories.  I however, have always enjoyed ketchup.

I wouldn’t recommend this app, but if you’ve got a few minutes that you don’t want back, please download it.

Download from Google Play 


New job!

I’m now a Media Artist at Gambro in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota!

It’s pretty awesome.  The commute is about thirty minutes compared to my almost two hour one way trip to my previous job.  Also I have a sweet cubicle, three monitors and every day there’s free food in the lunch room!

Also the job is challenging and blah blah blah…  Honestly the job is fun, a good challenge  and I’m surrounded by smart people.  It’s wonderful.

Everything is comin’ up Millhouse.

Anyone can make an app…

A coworker, Andrew LeTourneau, challenged me to make an Andoid app for Google Play.  Being a man, I immediately said that I was well aware of how to do everything and I could do it in seconds.  After several Google searches, and a week later the masterpiece known as CLICKaTURD was born.

It was developed using FlashDevelop and Flash Professional 5.5.  I’m not very good with my hands with touch screen devices so it was prematurely named CLICKaTURD when in reality it should have been called TAPaTURD.  My marketing team sucks.

The game is a product of my blood, sweat and tears…  Nothing.  Else.  Remember that..

Download it for free!