3DHansen.net is the online portfolio of Mike Hansen!

                              It’s me…

Here you’ll find my work containing finished projects of Flash design, Flash programming (ActionScript 3), CG character designs, animations and illustrations.

Areas of work I enjoy:

  • Vector art and Illustration
  • Flash design and programming
  • 3D modeling and animation

Companies I’ve worked for:

  • Baxter Gambro – Link (current)
  • Johnson Center for Simulation – Link
  • Allen Interactions – Link
  • Academy College – Link
  • EATON Corporation
  • ITT-Technical Institute
  • Time Track Productions
  • And others…

About the website:

The site has been up since 2004 after I started school for degree in Media Arts and Animation. It’s gone through a multitude of visual changes. Most of the work on the site has been a part of my professional career.

Many of my updates are small tidbits of recent work. They might not be very obvious but check back often! Especially my blog page!

Thank you for visiting! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!